The New Work from Home Trend: Second Job

The only drawback is that you are helping people during the "winter of their life", which can be distressing. Get Paid To Shop: To supplement our income a couple years ago, I took a side job as a tram driver for a retirement community. Make flyers or business cards that clearly explain what you offer and how to reach you. Over the years I have seen many people take on a second job but they never last more than a couple of months. How to Quit Your Job. Her original expectations for her online shop, Miss Fickle Media , were humble:

But many employers will offer on-the-job training, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The 10 best and real work-at-home jobs. 5 great second jobs for extra cash.

2. Making a Good Hourly Wage

As the weeks go by you will find yourself more tired and then your day job will start to suffer as well. Look at your finances and try to generate extra cash by economising and making the most of the money you already make. Find something fun The perfect second job complements your main job without interfering with it. If it is also something you enjoy, you are more likely to stick with it.

These are the qualities I have in my second job and for these reasons I will keep the job despite dreading the Saturday morning alarm call. So think of something you'd like to do in an alternative career and then try it out on weekends. Alternatively, see what is available in your local area. I went looking for bar work and found a great job selling real estate, despite having no experience. It is fun and the perfect antithesis to my day job as a scientist.

Name and address supplied, London. Log on Start an eBay business. It enables you to work from home, and the hours will be totally flexible. Specialise in one or two subjects that you already know something about and are really interested in - something you collect already, perhaps. Start by selling things around the home you no longer want but you think you can sell.

Use the profits to build up your stock of items for sale. Go direct Join a direct selling company and you can be earning from week one. Choose a company that is part of the Direct Selling Association www. Robin Croft, Glamorgan Business School.

It will not suit everyone, but for less effort than having an extra job you could cover a significant portion of your monthly expenses. It can be difficult finding someone you get along with, but you could rent to short-term foreign students to take the pressure off.

Wait tables Find part-time work in a bar or restaurant near your home. My sister works flexible shifts around her college hours and occasionally does the weekend breakfast shift. You could work 6pm until close maybe twice a week, then do a double shift on Saturday or Sunday.

The pay is quite good, and will earn you extra cash relatively quickly, without being too mentally taxing. Hit the books When my partner was expecting our first child she took up book keeping. It pays reasonably, is flexible and no qualifications are required so long as you are numerate. It does take some learning to understand what to do and how to record things correctly. Shannon felt it could be a great way to showcase her passion for jewelry-making while earning income at home.

Her original expectations for her online shop, Miss Fickle Media , were humble: Today her store supplies original designs for other jewelry makers and includes tutorials, unique materials, assembled jewelry and jewelry displays. And she earns enough to have been able to quit her other jobs. Shannon is part of a growing group of moms taking on entrepreneurial second jobs from home.

Work-from-home second jobs are valuable even if when not undertaken due to necessity. Moms can gain new skills and explore additional career possibilities—all from the comfort of their own homes.

The most popular work from home second jobs, according to Levit, are home-based customer service agents, direct sellers those who sell consumer products person-to-person outside a traditional retail location and virtual assistants. Many of the best second jobs involve tips. The key here is to work weekends, which might be the only days you have free for second job anyhow.

As a servers you can do well despite a low base wage, thanks to tips. As with all tipped positions, you want a job at an expensive and popular place , because tips are largely based on the size of the bill, and serving more customers means collecting more tips. Work the busiest shifts that fit your schedule. As a DJ for parties and other events you typically work weekends, making this good work if you have a full-time weekday job.

Individual party-goers might toss you a dollar or two for playing their favorites, and that can add up, but weddings can be even better. Contributors to a forum post on WeddingWire.

On the other hand, it may meet other important criteria. It may be close to home or offer flexible scheduling. And, of course, if you need a second income as soon as possible, you have limited options. Here are some of them…. Part-time positions are common, another aspect that makes these decent second jobs in the right situation.

And this is usually a big step up from fast food work because of the tips. There are two kinds of temporary agencies. Get a job every day. That makes this the fastest way to get a paycheck from a second job. A second job can be a great way to make money to eventually start a business, but it also can be a way to learn what you need to know about a particular business or investment.

Here are a few examples…. Since working that job my wife and I have made money on several homes. If you take a part-time job working on houses, and your goal is to learn the ropes, be sure to work for someone who is willing to talk and answer questions.

Watching and working will help, but you need to learn about the numbers, the permitting issues, and so on. Many small cleaning companies need part-time workers. The pay is not usually that high, but this is a great opportunity to learn about the business.

If you want to specialize, like doing foreclosure cleaning , for example, find a company that does at least some of that work. Of course, the business is more than just cleaning, so ask a lot of questions. And if you hope to start a cleaning business in the same general area, work for a company that does not require you to sign a non-compete agreement. Tax preparation companies need part-time workers during the season, and you are typically paid for your training time.

This is a great way to learn how to do taxes if you think you might want to make a business of it later. Sometimes a side job can be great for learning new skills and introducing you to new careers. Here are some possibilities to consider…. In fact, you often get to propose your own classes. Classes are typically in the evening, so they can fit with a day job. For example, when we lived in Naples, Florida, my wife taught Spanish for two hours three evenings weekly.

Teaching is a great way to develop your speaking skills, and you may be able to promote your books or business as well.

1. Working From Home

If you think a second job is a good idea for you, read below for tips on how to find a second job, what kind of second jobs are out there, and . The most popular work from home second jobs, according to Levit, are home-based customer service agents, direct sellers (those who sell consumer products person-to-person outside a traditional retail location) and virtual assistants. To find work as an employee search “transcription” on job websites like Online Tutor (Other Than English) If you know enough about any subject from math to poetry to creative writing, you can tutor students from the comfort of your home.


Find a Second Job To make ends meet in a challenging economy, Americans have been seen working two jobs or taking on part-time work when full . There are more work from home job scams than there are real work from job listings, so, job seekers need to be really careful when searching for and evaluating work at home job listings. Presume that the position is a scam unless there is . I desperately need to make some extra cash and need to find the perfect second job. I already work 9 to 5 and will have to use my weekends and evenings. I am numerate, literate and energetic and.

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