How Oral Testing Works

The manufacturer provides confidential counseling and referral to treatment. STD Prevention Practicing safe sex is crucial to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Will other people know my test result? A follow-up test from a lab is necessary to confirm their status. Antigens are foreign substances that cause your immune system to activate.

No HIV test can detect HIV immediately after infection. You can also buy a home testing kit at a pharmacy or online. will have the tools to help you work through the early stages of your diagnosis and begin to manage your HIV. Talking to others who have HIV .

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Feb 05,  · The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test is a rapid self-administered over-the-counter (OTC) test. Answers are provided to common questions about the product. Skip to main page content. On July 3, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test, a rapid home-use HIV test kit that does not require sending a sample to a laboratory for analysis. HIV antibodies collecting at the T-Line indicate the test is positive. Safe and approved by the FDA for use by adults (17 years of age or older), OraQuick is the first and only HIV test that delivers your results with all the comforts and privacy of home.


A negative result with this test does not mean that you are definitely not infected with HIV, particularly when exposure may have been within the previous 3 months. If your test is negative and you engage in activities that put you at risk for HIV on a regular basis, you should test regularly. The Home Access HIV-1 Test System is a home collection kit, which involves pricking your finger to collect a blood sample, sending the sample to a licensed laboratory, and then calling in for results as early as the next business day. This test is anonymous. The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test and Home Access HIV-1 Test System have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Both are sold at drugstores, but people need to be at least

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