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So if your cool with certain team leaders they allow you to get away with things that others cant. People are smiling and happy to come to work. The computer assessment tests never notified you if it passed, failed or even was submitted to Convergys. Helping customers resolve there problems, Fast typing skills, Reaching set targets, Poorly managed, So unprofessional, Having to listen to constant complaining, The people in it. If you could give me some understanding of this it would be great. Big problem was the lack of link between the employees and the closer line of management, and between those ones and the first management line. I don't believe she has a voice at home so I become her sounding board again laughable I consistently give her remote blank stares and emotion.

Keeping competitve in the market. Asking the employees (aka as Inside Customer Service) of what Convergys could have done different to keep qualified good employees still working inside their own communities. Stop focusing with moving outside the United States and opening Call Center there and paying lower wages/5(5K).

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View More Recent Featured Reports. We Need Your Help! Thu, June 30, Updated: Thu, June 30, Reported By: Convergys Did the work at home traning and was let go because I was having some techinal problmes with there softphone After 7 weeks of training they let me go Cincinnati, Ohio. Reputation Management Corporate Advocacy Program This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors Add Rebuttal to this Report.

I worked for Convergys through their at home work job. I had training for 7 weeks which was ok, then when it was time to get on their softphone to take calls for Directv the system kept freezing up. We used an Viop phone which we had to have an usb headset pluged into my computer.

I did the test and sent it to the trainer. When I first applied for this company had to do a Ha Quality test and it was fine so they hired me. I called comcast and 3 days in a row had 3 different tech's out checking my internet. I then had a Manager call me and I spoke with him and I told him what the Comcast Tech's told me and he would not beleive me.

He said that I could not work for Convergys until the packet loss was low. Vending machines overpriced and workers underpaid. The call centre floor is either too hot or too cold, and understanding of the levels of stress for the employees was inadequate. Management of all roles i had in Convergys was fine.

The was never anything overly stressful. The metrics were communicated clearly with us so we knew what was expected. Great leadership and leaning opportunities. The training is excellent, the job itself is pleasant.

The management is very committed and a true example. Not a bad place to be depending on the contract you work for. Management is usually decent and try their best to treat you like a human being.

Salary are the lowest in the industry by far, no benefits worth mentioning no health care, no free food, nothing at all. On the other hand, I've never been asked to do overtime, I've never felt pressured by management, I've never been refused days off provided enough of the team was in obviously.

I've also met wonderful people there, which helps. Usually not too complicated yet providing regular challenges, which keep things interesting. Working mostly with business users is also a plus. Good and fun team to work with. Simply a workplace with great people to work with. I love working at Convergys but that is generally just down to the people that I work with.

Management seem to pile the pressure onto staff when they feel any kind of pressure themselves regardless of how light, making the environment tense - This to me shows that they care about numbers more than they do their own staff. There have been times when I myself have contemplated if it is really worth getting out of bed in the morning. Who you know not what you know. Company run completely off who you know not what you know. If an internal position becomes available you can apply but they will already know who they want to have the job beforehand so more than likely a waste of time and effort.

Positions in HR have been offered internally to people at there choosing which were never even advertised or the person interviewed for. If you've no interest in moving up in the company then go for it but if you do you should try make a good friend in management! With the unfair pay some people work hard for a bonus they don't receive yet they are automatically given to mentors even tho they literally do what they want.

Short breaks, unfair pay with employees, favouritism.. The work hours are long and you can be scheduled up to 7 days in a row. The policies can be unfair to employees, and customers can be frustrating, rude and often downright aggravating. The hours are long, and the breaks are short and very infrequent.

Fun and productive workplace. L2 Network Support Eng. If it were not my shift permanently ending at 3 AM it could have been much better for everyone It would have been much better to have been able to have 2 weeks a month on a different shift or something along those lines. A small grow during first year but after 13 months you start to get bored and frustrated Only positive thing is the friendly people and the environment.

If you like not knowing your hours for the week coming on a friday this is for you. The people are great and some of the TLs but others have no issue throwing you under the bus etc a lot of favouritism. It's a fun environment to work in, lovely atmosphere. Can be challenging with customers on the phone. Get along with people there and working as a team. Helping customers resolve there problems, Fast typing skills, Reaching set targets, Poorly managed, So unprofessional, Having to listen to constant complaining, The people in it.

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This was a great company to work for. I ctually miss that job! The pay was great. The entire facility was nice. People didnt come to work complaining about being there. People came to work and was happyto be a part of a team/5(K). Work from Home Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) – Work from home – July 11, Just a caution that I suspect Convergys and some other work from home jobs put out the word that they are hiring but will sell your information when you fill out the application/5(K). I enjoyed working with Convergys. It was a temporary position last year over the holidays and hoping I can get a more permanent position. With my personal situation, working from home with Convergys was a great opportunity.


I work for Convergys work at home. It is the perfect job for me since I am disabled and have trouble working in a call center. The pay depends on the job but it is at least $9 an hour. As a rule you get either Saturday or Sunday off but work the other one. Schedules are done by shift bid. Instead of working in a traditional call center environment, our Convergys Work At Home program hires customer service agents who work directly from home. We have three basic types of work for home positions; all are required to provide customer service support. Convergys Reviews Browse Convergys Reviews by Job Title → On average, employees at Convergys give their company a rating out of - which is 8% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss/5().

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