The number and range of citations needed to add a word to the dictionary varies. Oh wow, there are actually multiple definitions. This page may be out of date. Lil' D got sacks, but Chris got work. He is extremely faithful to the girl he loves, and usually doesn't indulge in relationships that don't have potential.

Work work The deceitful act of making oneself appear busy during office hours in return for payment. I'd love to help with that important .

How does a word get into a Merriam-Webster dictionary?

Used by skiers, snowboarders, white-water enthusiasts, though not exclusively. Did you see that wipe out? Last edited on May 17 Submitted by Che H. To get beat up really badly That girl over there is about to get worked.

Last edited on Oct 28 Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 28 Last edited on Apr 29 Submitted by Chris C. Hey, you got any work for me? I got that work. Last edited on Oct 19 Lil' D got sacks, but Chris got work. Last edited on Apr 16 But ladies, you can give up if he is taken.

He is extremely faithful to the girl he loves, and usually doesn't indulge in relationships that don't have potential. The rest is kinda true, except for the part about the girlfriend. There boy you fall in love with at first sight. He has brown hair, brown eyes , and has the best personality. He is so alive. You'll be day dreaming about him for weeks. You'll never be able to forget about him.

He lives out in the country, small town, and the cutest voice. He's an amazing football player, he's a star track runner. He goes right to your heart. He's the best person you'll ever know. In fact he's the best person in the world. He jokes around, is a gamer, and is super nice. It's soo hard to be apart from him.

You'll do anything to be with him. Any girl would be lucky to even know him. Your heart will long for him. You'll be wonderstruck when you see him. You'll never fall in love with a better person.

Every conversation you have with him will be amazing. You'll charish every time you talk to him. You'll brush all the way home after a night hanging out with him. Every time you hang with him will be perfect. I will spend my entire life with him if i can. I love Joseph, I love him with all my heart. Keep him close to you forever, and never let go. Love at first sight? Out in the country? The only accurate thing here is the gamer part.

No girl has ever loved me romantically… ;-;. A caring, gorgeous, funny boy that is always there for his girlfriend , friends and family whenever he's needed.

Great tennis and football player? Have you seen my face? The fantastically hot guy in your class the makes you melt with just one look. Of course he does that sexy scowling thing with his eyes. He's got gorgeous brown hair and eyes and whenever he talks to you you get the butterflies inside. He's smart, sweet and extremely flirty.

If you meet a Joseph it would be incredibly idiotic to let him go. The Urban Dictionary name Carol states: A beautiful dark-haired girl who has an infectious personality. Her friends think she is wonderful, and her only enemies are those who are jealous of her.

If you show her this definition, she will undoubtedly refute it, because she is also very modest. I have often been complimented on my personality and intellect, however I'm pretty sure I look average.

The tons of action part is kinda not true as I am not exactly an extrovert but yes relationships have been good as I'm kinda an old school hopeless romantic most of the time so that might be the reason why.

As regards with the intellectual part, I'm considered a top tier strategist and have accomplished many impossible tasks with some unique methods so I'll agree to this part. I'm often hidden amongst the crowd so you can't identify me or even find me unless I want you to.

Not much of a head turner though. Though I'll put this to the test on 24th June during the world quora meetup in Mumbai. Gautam Gehlot Thanks for the A2A. Now this is a fun question. The hottest piece of man-meat ever to exist. An intellect sharp as a knife, and a wit to match. Quinn's generally are always right, which bothers people, but Quinn then gently explains why it's okay that he's right, which calms them down.

Women are naturally attracted to Quinn's, mainly because of their swimmer bodies, which consist of rocking abs, massive biceps, calves of iron, steel triceps, etc.

People are jealous of Quinn's, because they are very fun to drink with, and an absolute god in bed. Easily described as bisexy, Quinn's have tight buns, and chiseled features that could score glass. Most usually half asian. Quinn's are friends with all the beautiful, gorgeous, popular, movie-star-type people. In fact, a Quinn began that clique. The sun shines out of Quinn's anus, and makes everyone smile when Quinn walks by. Quinn is always more successful then everyone else in everything.

It has been said that everything that has ever happened in history has been either the result of a Quinn, or happened to produce a Quinn. Getting a Quinn for a friend is the best thing that could happen to anyone, a Quinn will light up the dark, will make the ordinary extraordinary, make the plain magnificent.

In Quinn's hands you will find trust and comfort, happiness, and joy. Everyone trusts Quinn, and in turn Quinn will always be trustworth.

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work from home work Tell your boss your working from home but you actually do a bunch of personal stuff like online gaming with the other IT folks who are "working" from home. Early morning email from associate to boss: "I will be working from home today so I can wait for an expected delivery.". What does home mean in Urban Dictionary?: house is anywhere i'm to you.; somewhere in which I'm able to poop for however lengthy we desire.; A word meaning different things every single one who makes. What does homework mean in Urban Dictionary?: an unreasonable torturous unit that teachers who do not like their pupils used to bring them discomfort and make them lose sleep; buisy work that deprives.


Definition of urban in the Dictionary. Meaning of urban. What does urban mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word urban. Information about urban in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of work it is. The slang word / phrase / acronym work it means . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. What does your name mean according to urban dictionary? Update Cancel. ad by Honey. Amazon hack. How to get cheaper prices on everything. and what does your name mean in the Urban Dictionary? What does your name mean in the urban jungle? Ask New Question. You'll brush all the way home after a night hanging out with him. Every .

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