Clarinet acoustics: an introduction

There is H stamped on it in very small script. Mozart's Clarinet Concerto was originally sketched out as a concerto for basset horn in G. This is the source of power input to the instrument, but it is a source of continuous rather than vibratory power. Learn more about Musical Instruments. It is probable that the term clarinet may stem from the diminutive version of the 'clarion' or 'clarino' and it has been suggested that clarino players may have helped themselves out by playing particularly difficult passages on these newly developed "mock trumpets".

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How Do You Play the Melodica?

The clarino, or middle register, goes from the B above middle C to the C two octaves above middle C. The altissimo, or top register is all the notes above the C that's 2 octaves above middle C. You can change the pitch of the clarinet by tightening or loosening the mouth's grasp on the mouthpiece or by changing the speed at which air is sent through the instrument. This changes the speed at which the reed will vibrate. Changing the shape of the mouth on the mouthpiece will change the sound.

To get a louder sound, more air must be pushed through the instrument. Cathryn Whitehead graduated from the University of Michigan in She has published numerous articles for various websites.

Her poems have been published in several anthologies and on Poetry. Whitehead has done extensive research on health conditions and has a background in education, household management, music and child development. Parts of a Clarinet The clarinet is a woodwind instrument. How the Clarinet Works When a clarinetist blows into the instrument, the air hitting the tip of the reed makes it vibrate.

Keys, Holes and Notes The clarinet's upper and lower joints have many tone holes. How Does a Saxophone Work? How Does the Clarinet Make Sound? How Do Bagpipes Work? How to Play the Soprano Saxophone. How to Tune a Recorder Instrument.

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Rice Clarinet Works, Princess Anne, Maryland. likes. Rice Clarinet Works is a one-stop shop for all things clarinet. From overhauls and repairs to /5(19). A clarinet, a reed and a player: how do they work together? This introduction to the science of clarinets requires little technical knowledge of acoustics. For background on topics in acoustics (waves, frequencies, resonances, decibels etc) click on "Basics" in the navigation bar at left. Download Piano/Vocal/Guitar sheet music to Work From Home by Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign and print it instantly from Sheet Music Direct.


The clarinet produces sound by blowing air across a reed, into the mouthpiece, down through the body of the instrument and by pressing keys or covering holes on the instrument to change notes. The notes change in this manner because it disrupts the airflow and the wavelength of the air moving. Home» Hobbies; How Does a Clarinet Work? Parts of a Clarinet. The clarinet is a woodwind instrument. Beginner clarinets are made of inexpensive plastic, but intermediate and professional clarinets are usually made of aged wood that gives the instrument a rich, full tone. The most common B flat soprano clarinet consists of a mouthpiece. Clarinets. A clarinet is a musical instrument that has been used for centuries. It can be used in bands, orchestras, or as a solo instrument. There are many kinds of them available in various materials and for differing skill levels.

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