99 Work-at-Home Career Ideas for Women

This will help you get found easier and will help people share your products on sites like Pinterest easier as well. I had no idea that you did it professionally. Plus a free pair of leggings with your registration kit. It sure gives me options to think about, thanks Holly! Want to get more specific?

May 12, 15 min read Grant writers work as independent contractors, full- or part-time development officers, and freelancers. 20 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents; 1. College.

Working from home - Whose business is it?

Almost every big business has gotten on the social media bandwagon as a means to reach their customers directly, and without paying heavily for television, print, or radio ads.

Although very little data are available for this work-at-home job since it is relatively new, thousands of listings for social media managers can be found on sites like CareerBuilder. If you have a demonstrated command of social media and a sizable following, you might even be able to get started by reaching out to companies directly and asking if they need help.

Some social media managers also work for a retainer or monthly fee, however. A wide range of businesses need workers to enter various data into their systems, whether that data are used to track inventory or shipments, create business plans, or measure performance or output.

And since a computer and typing skills are the most important requirements for this job, many data entry workers are able to work at home, and on a schedule that fits their lives. Since many data entry jobs are at-home jobs, you can always find dozens of data entry job postings on sites like Upwork. Many businesses need workers who can answer the phone at all hours, assist customers, and process orders or deal with returns.

But since more businesses are operating online, a growing number of these jobs are going to customer service workers who work at home. Being an at-home call-center rep requires a computer and may require specific software or equipment.

A great phone voice helps as well, as does any experience in customer service, data entry, retail sales, or management. Dozens of sites list job openings for call-center representatives, including Upwork. However, you may also find listings offered by local businesses in your local newspaper. Becoming a blogger is unlike any other work-at-home job in that you have to show up and build it yourself. Even worse, the vast majority of blogs make zero dollars for years as they grow and become established.

However, there is a lot of potential for writers who are able to build an audience, grow their site, and find a way to monetize it and start earning an income. Some of the ways bloggers make money include affiliate advertising, sponsored posts, Google Adsense , and product sales. References help, too, especially if you can list anyone who has overseen work you have done in any of these fields.

Even though there are many legitimate work-at-home opportunities, the scams of years ago still exist. According to the National Consumers League and Fraud. Many online job platforms such as Upwork. For more tips on avoiding job scams on freelancing sites, read about it here. Holly Johnson is an award-winning personal finance writer who is obsessed with frugality, budgeting, and travel.

Careers Entrepreneurship Making Money. If you want to coast into the future with real skills that pay, check out these real work-at-home jobs for and beyond: Translator According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most translators do their work at home, and often under tight deadlines. Travel Agent Although the demand is expected to decrease over the next decade, the opportunities are still there for travel agents who can harness the Internet to earn clients and help them plan their adventures.

Freelance Writer More than ever, writers are needed to formulate news articles, create content, and come up with the creative ideas that fill the pages of nearly every site on the Internet. However, who wants the hassle of storing and delivering all the products necessary to create an ecommerce business? This way you get to focus on specific aspects of the business you enjoy instead.

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing may be one of the easiest businesses to start. All you need is a website and some partnerships with vendors in a niche you are passionate about and knowledgeable in.

While easy to start, you will need to put some real effort and time into driving targeted traffic to your website to generate sales. Consultant Do you have specialized knowledge in a specific area? You might want to consider starting a consulting business. Their job is to help other people do their jobs easier and more efficiently. Event or Party Planner If you love throwing parties and are hyper organized, party planning may be just be your dream business.

To help you stand out in the crowd, you might want to consider focusing on a specific niche such as weddings, corporate events or conventions.

There are many revenue opportunities from blogging including affiliate partnerships, sponsorship, product sales and advertising. In a similar vein to blogging, creating information products for sale can also be a lucrative low-cost startup idea. If you have knowledge in a certain area, you can create courses, ebooks or videos or all three!

The ideas for this business model are limitless. Business Window Cleaning Service You only get one chance to make a first impression, and many stores have to make that impression with their storefront. Help local businesses keep their shine with a business window cleaning service. To start, target local stores that are close together to save time and money. Consider putting that love to work with a dog walking or pet sitting service.

If you think this is a hobby job, you might want to think again. Add in some additional dog walking or homemade pet treat services and that number could grow exponentially. You can coach or mentor in any area from sports to weight loss, organization to personal happiness. Write Books Amazon and Apple have made book publishing a field just about anyone can enter.

If you have a wealth of knowledge in a particular subject, creating and publishing your own books might just be your ideal business. The key here is to enter this business with the goal of creating multiple books related to your subject matter. The more books you can create the better. When you are comfortable with the process, consider helping other authors publish their works for a fee.

This is a great idea for someone who wants to branch out on their own, but wants a little help and support behind them.

Business Plan Service Make your business helping other people start their businesses! Business plans are needed to help secure loans, investments and to make sure you keep your business running on target.

If you have a keen knack for creating business plans, considering helping out one of the fastest growing employment areas — the self-employed! Taking old things and refurbishing them, or even upcycling the various parts into something completely different, is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash.

With this business Craigslist and social media are your best friend. Or, just sell your pieces one at a time through Craigslist listings. Great tips, articles, jokes, info, deals, and more! The projects are typically simple and straightforward and you probably already have everything you need to do the work. To get started building your portfolio, contact local businesses, nonprofit organizations or government agencies for work.

You can also expand your services by providing logos and other branding images for use on social media profiles as well. With the growth of different diets, you have a great opportunity to carve out a niche for yourself in a specialized area such as low carb, gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, etc. You can start out small and test your recipes with local food stores. The trend for going natural in all areas of our lives is growing and this is an area with some real potential.

Catering If you love cooking up a feast for special events, consider starting a catering business. However, many in this field find it an extremely rewarding experience. They key to success with this business idea is to find a speciality that is unique in your area. You can focus on a certain cuisine, dietary needs, or type of event. This can be especially fruitful if you are offering your services to the senior market. Virtual Assistant The best part about being a virtual assistant is that you can do it from home.

Most of the tasks for a virtual assistant are computer related, so as long as you have a computer, internet access and a phone you are set. As a groomer, you can not only handle pet bathing, but also other basic grooming needs. If you have the resources, you can expand your business by offering a mobile service as well. Translator More and more companies are venturing into other countries and want to reach more demographics. This means the need for translation services are growing.

Website translation is an especially growing area since their is a global reach. If you know a few languages, you might consider offering your services as a new business opportunity. From developing an app for a company to creating something for yourself. All you need is a great idea and the technical know-how to actually build it. The idea of selling something online is appealing, but when it comes down to doing all the work many would just rather donate the items in question or let someone else sell it for them.

You can do all the setting up of the shop and products, and you can split the profits. How to Make a Fortune on Ebay. Freelance Photography If you have a love for taking pictures, consider making it your new business venture.

This is an area where having a speciality will help you stand out. You can focus on typical portraits or consider other areas of photography such as travel, nature, food, corporate portraits or corporate photography.

Personal Chef While people may not need someone to cook in their home for them, they may need some extra help during their busy day with lunch or even breakfast. You can also offer foods that are already prepared that just need to be reheated. This is a great way to offer your services to a larger amount of people without having to be committed to one client or customer.

Personal Trainer Health is a high priority for many, and losing weight and getting fit are top concerns in this area. If you have a track record for helping people with their fitness in a specific area, you could have a very profitable business.

Like many of these suggestions focusing on niche or target area can help you stand out as an expert in a growing industry. Computer Repair For many people, a computer problem that could be a simple fix winds up being a drawn out warranty nightmare. While we may know how to breeze our way through apps, many of us are not as comfortable with the hardware that powers our machines.

Computer repair is a great low cost business startup, especially if you offer mobile computer repair. Offer your services to help people empty out their garage, and follow it up by helping them sell the overflow with a garage sale. Once you have the skills, the benefits to this business are pretty obvious.

You can work from home and determine your own hours and clients. Personal Grocery Shopping Not everyone has the time or ability to get their own groceries. This is an especially helpful service for new moms, seniors and if you are diet conscious, those with dietary restrictions or special dietary needs.

If you're struggling to figure out your work-at-home career path, here is a huge list of work-at-home career ideas, jobs, and businesses to get those creative juices flowing. 99 Work-at-Home Career Ideas. • Top tips for working at home. Graham Snowdon. @gsnowdon And if you have any better ideas, let us know by emailing. do a short course with rubikontech.cf and work locally," she. Type of work from home jobs: You can find all kinds of part time legitimate work from home jobs and homeworking jobs that you can do from your home PC. We have some great work from home ideas such as paid surveys, freelancer jobs, online tutoring, website testing, content writing, blogging, transcription, translation, product testing.


10 Real Work-From-Home Jobs for around 16% of web developers were self-employed in , with the vast majority able to work at home, or anywhere with a laptop and speedy Internet connection. create content, and come up with the creative ideas that fill the pages of nearly every site on the Internet. And although many bigger sites. Jan 27,  · Work From Home In The Top Companies For Remote Jobs I'm a Forbes senior editor managing our crypto and blockchain technology . These 25 Companies Want You to Work From Home. Updated Jun 12, AM EDT There are currently million workers in the U.S. that work from home full time and many more interested.

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