Yahoo chief bans working from home

Company officials declined to say how many workers the policy change affects. Bloom told HuffPost that remote work helps the environment because workers travel less. Business 6 minutes ago. Comments will be reviewed before being published. Log In Welcome, User. Flooding fears surge as rivers rise; Wilmington cut off.

Feb 25,  · Marissa Mayer brought free food and new iPhones to Yahoo. Now she's got a more serious policy to revamp the culture: Yahoos can no longer work from home.

SMG prof weighs in on Yahoo, Best Buy controversies

No regular work from home arrangements within [their department] are permitted unless I approve them," said letters issued last week by executives including Honeywell Chief Financial Officer Thomas Szlosek and John Waldron, president of the Safety and Productivity Solutions unit. Company officials declined to say how many workers the policy change affects. Some bemoaned the death of "summer hours" where workers used to leave early on Fridays and finish work at home or the cabin.

Other employees resented the end to a flexible situation they had come to depend on. The new policy is "right out of the dark ages and driven by one egomaniacal CEO's need to control and bleed every last bit of soul out of the company," complained one employee from Minnesota who asked to remain anonymous.

He worried that mandating office-only work would alienate millennials who crave flexibility. It may cause some workers to leave the company and fails to consider those hires who had explicit agreements for telecommuting, he said. Management sees things differently and said the change was needed "to encourage the high level of collaboration we need to outperform," according to the letters to employees. Honeywell executives said in the letters that when employees come into the office to do their jobs, it fosters teamwork and idea sharing.

It also helps co-workers make decisions faster and become agile when addressing changes in the global markets, they said. Honeywell spokesman Mark Hamel declined to comment on any negative reactions within company ranks. Clarifying Honeywell's "remote work policy to employees," Hamel said, "reflects the collaborative culture that Honeywell expects and believes will help the company continue to drive the kind of results that our customers, partners and investors have come to expect of us.

Honeywell's change comes at a time of lackluster growth in the global industrial sector and at a time of restructuring within the New Jersey-based behemoth. Honeywell joins other big companies in changing its telecommuting policy. Yahoo, Best Buy and Hewlett-Packard called all their remote workers back into the office in Best Buy spokesman Matt Furman said the retailer received a lot of attention after it dramatically cut back on employee remote work arrangements at its Richfield headquarters.

Under the new policy, every worker was expected to report to the Richfield campus or get management's permission to work off site. That "reduced the number of people who were working someplace other than the corporate headquarters," Furman said.

But internally, the vast majority of the employees fully understood the circumstances. They read the newspaper and saw the earnings. They knew this was a company that was embarking on a life or death turnaround and understood that all hands on deck were required. At the time, the electronics retail giant, with more than 1, stores, was in midst of a major restructuring by Hubert Joly, the company's CEO who had taken over in The week before the policy change was announced, corporate employees had been laid off.

Like Honeywell, the end of telecommuting at Best Buy, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard proved headline news and caused benefits experts to wonder if the practice would spread, said Cassidy Solis, workplace flexibility program specialist at the , member Society for Human Resource Management SHRM. Many think that "the death of the remote workplace is coming.

But that happens whenever one of the big dogs comes out and ends [the practice]. The research shows us a different story. Telecommuting is on the increase," Solis said. In , 20 percent of companies let staffers work from home, according to SHRM. Companies must decide if the policy works for both the business and employees, Solis said.

Some firms report that offering remote work as an option helps them recruit and retain employees. Others credited it for transforming their firms into national entities because staff working remotely in different time zones expanded business.

And telecommuting is not the only flex work arrangement that an employer can offer. It wanted everyone around the table to spark a sense of collaboration. But then, months later, they offered a very generous parental-leave policy. The beauty of a flexible work arrangement is that it matches both the employees' and the employer's needs. Right now, there are no indications that Honeywell intends to offer additional benefits to soften its new policy.

Raise any questions with your HR leader. It seems to me that Yahoo could have come up with more of a moderate policy that would require people to be on site a certain number of days a week rather than such a radical change. I read that some employees say they feel as if they are being treated like children, instead of being respected as responsible adults. None of us knows what kind of impact this is going to have.

People on one side say that when people work from home there are much fewer opportunities for innovation and more opportunities for distraction. I should qualify my response by saying it makes it that much more visible, the fact that she is a working mother with a young child, but I think the same reaction would have come if a male executive had made this decision.

It would have just been critiqued a little bit differently. Now we have to see what impact this policy is going to have. Does it enhance innovation? Does it result in more turnover and lower morale? These are things that could be monitored over the next year or two. And Marissa Mayer said that she was willing to revisit this. Best Buy is just another case of a CEO tightening the belt of everyone below them. Employers are more and more serving the top positions and hammering difficulties and pay cuts and lay offs and discontining positions and suspending any increases for those below them.

Then they tell everyone they are lucky to have a job. Look at Congress even. I think this is short-sighted and will hamper innovation and creativity.

People will vote with their feet and companies will suffer. Members of staff will feel trapped and unsupported and this can only lead to conflict. I think they are trying to play on the cross discipline interactions between employee departments. At Apple, Steve Jobs requested the bathrooms to be 15min away from any given desk such that employee from different departments engineering, design will have collisions and interdisciplinary discussions.

So how can they possibly make the rule fair? A short-sighted, destructive move. I hope people leave Yahoo in droves.

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Mar 18,  · When newly hired CEO Marissa Mayer kicked off her turnaround at Yahoo, she banned employees from working from home. remote work is more common for workers at the lowest and highest ends of the. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer speaks about ending the work-from-home policy, saying it was "wrongly perceived as industry narrative.". Yahoo Says That Killing Working From Home Is Turning Out Perfectly Despite predictions of “epic policy failure,” in the words of Julie .


Working from home: how Yahoo, Best Buy and HP are making moves Working from home: nearly six million telecommute in the US. "The migration of work from the office to the home is profound. Marissa Mayer is still defending her controversial decision from to ban Yahoo employees from working from home. At the same time, she indicated that she wished the world would move on. "I. Feb 22,  · “Physically Together”: Here’s the Internal Yahoo No-Work-From-Home Memo for Remote Workers and Maybe More.

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