Why you should go home early today

Better not to run the risk of your boss seeing you taking shots after saying your kid has the flu. So why fight it? Make a Decision So you've determined what your contract says de jure , and you've figured out what people actually do de facto , now it's time to decide what the best approach for you is. Now, you ought to have some sass so as to be able to carry this out. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. Up next after the break: The big majority of us, on the other hand, do our job for because of the money and nothing more.

Today, even if just for one day, flip your priorities and go home early. By Jeff Haden Contributing editor, Inc. @ jeff_haden That night we talked for almost an hour.

10 best excuses to leave work early

Feel free to mix things up with an exploding water heater. Relatives are so annoying Your aunt is in town from Idaho and your mom was supposed to give her a ride back to the airport, but her gout is acting up.

This one only works if your boss is pretty nice… and has never heard of Uber. Special delivery Your neighbor promised she would be home between 1: Only A Couple Left. Back By Popular Demand! Best Deal We've Found. First if you are paid by the hour and claim 40 hours while only working 38 hours that can be theft by deception. If you are salary but report the number of hours you work, and falsely report working a full 8 hours on a day you consistently leave 2 hours early then you could be committing fraud, which can also end in criminal charges.

In most places, the company can fire you for it, and it could end up with criminal charges against you. If most of your company is indeed doing it, the chances are unlikely, but I would hate to be the person that gets caught and they decide to make an example of.

I have worked at places where some people would work 8. This allows you to leave early Friday, while still working a full 40 hours.

I suspect the thing that is alienating them is that you are asking questions, rather than your not participating. If they are breaking the rules and you are pointing it out by asking questions then you are potentially causing them to get in trouble or for management to decide that it is time to crack down on the practice.

There is a possibility that neither will ever happen, but the fear of the possibility keeps the staff from talking openly about it. If you choose to keep working your full week and not say anything about the rest of the staff taking off early then I suspect you will have no problems. If you would like to leave early but still work your 40 hour week then I suggest working over a few days or every other day. At least this way you know you are giving the company the work they are paying you for.

As from my experience, I will tell you that it depends on the situation. If you have any useful work, then complete that and leave the office. Otherwise you can leave after your lead leaves the office. Check your moral compass and see what you find out. Be of good moral and ethical character and do what you know is right and who cares what anyone else is doing. It's too bad that there are so many people in the work place that don't do the right thing unless their higher ups are watching.

I believe in working the hours you are paid to work and nothing less. Sounds like you believe the same or at least similar. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

Is it OK to leave work early if the workplace culture accepts it? CaptainFlint 1 2 5. You didn't say what line of work you're in, but one thing you could add: Or will you be twiddling your thumbs if your coworkers aren't around? If in doubt just do as your contract says.

How is it causing alienation from your peers? How do they know that you aren't leaving early if they've already gone? In general, the flip side to there being an "unwritten" policy that its OK to leave early on Friday is that you're expected to stay late on occasion if there's a critical project. It is a kind of reciprocation that is common in places where the employees are not expected to be clock-watchers.

We do time sheets biweekly and put hours based on the "honor system". Guidelines This is mostly a set of guidelines. Permanent If you are a contractor, this become hairier. Make sure the work gets done This is the bottom line for just about anything. How flexible are the hours? When do the bosses leave? Alienation I often find that people feel more alienated than they actually are.

This helped the most. Executive Summary All communities including workplaces have a set of official rules, and a set of unofficial ones. Check your contract What does your contract say? Apply Common Sense So let's say your contract says your working hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday excluding paid leave and company holidays , with a one-hour paid lunch break. Make a Decision So you've determined what your contract says de jure , and you've figured out what people actually do de facto , now it's time to decide what the best approach for you is.

Don't ask your boss If you ask your employer if this is okay, they will likely say "No", because tacit approval by not enforcing the contract is much easier than explicit approval by actually giving you permission to ignore your contracted conditions. The old adage says: It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission Don't give a reason to need to apologize If you decide to leave early, be sure to use common sense.

I wouldn't ask the boss in writing, because he won't want a paper trail, but an oblique verbal question would be fine: Well, at some point or the other, we all go through the same situation. For such days when life seems like a droll and all the thoughts that come to your mind run on the lines of escapism, then this article is God-send for you.

All of us are well aware by now that merely wanting things does not lead to their manifestation in the real, tangible world. You need to have a proper strategy planned in order to materialise your wishes and be your own genie. Consequently, you have to have a well thought-out reason established with you that would convince your employer to leave you early.

Want to know some of the excuses that can come handy when you want to leave work early? The best thing about fake emergencies is that nobody is going to interrogate you regarding them at that very moment. On top of that, if you are successfully able to pass it off as an emergency that is related to your family, there is no stopping you! You might just have to mention a thing or two regarding the nature of your said emergency, in order to make it seem more authentic.

However, beyond a few words, people generally do not expect a person to detail out the nitty-gritties of an emergency situation.

But, there is a catch there, too. Once you leave work early and get back to the office the next day, be prepared to spin a yarn and hey, try not to get caught in that web of yours!

Anybody can fall sick, anytime of the day. Blame it on human anatomy! As they say make your weakness your strong point, you have to do that here, quite literally. Just pretend to be having a severe headache or stomachache. The peculiar quality that both of these possess is that nobody can actually measure it, unlike fever. They do not have any external symptoms like cold and cough. You need not have a Rudolph-red nose. You need not be hot as fire, literally. All you have to do is emote through your face and gestures that you are in utter pain.

Make a puppy face and off you go! If you have a baby, then there is no way that your employer can actually bar you from going home early. Having said that, I do not mean that you can get away with work every now and then by bringing your child into the picture.

10. Family Emergency

The stress associated with work physically and psychologically kicks in at some point and that affects the gains you get from working.” As a nation, we are known for our strong work ethic and long hours, with official figures showing that about million Australians work fulltime and million work part-time. We like the morning breeze while going to work, we like the soothing calm of the afternoon when coming from work, and we definitely like the financial benefits of having a steady income. What we DON’T like, however, is spending a big portion of our lives in servitude, trying to be responsible and productive for somebody else’s benefit. At some point in your career, you’re going to need to leave work early. After all, employees are human beings with obligations that can’t always be controlled or delegated to weekends and non-working hours.


Your neighbor promised she would be home between p.m. and p.m. to let the delivery men in with your new couch. But, wouldn’t you know it, his kid missed the bus and he has to go pick. If you have a baby, then there is no way that your employer can actually bar you from going home early. Having said that, I do not mean that you can get away with work every now and then by bringing your child into the picture. Feb 05,  · 5 Reasons to Get to Work Early. However, I get my work done in 8 hours and go home – no one has anything to object, and as long as your job allows the flexibility of schedule, it is possible.

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