Michael Saves: My 7 best money-saving tips for 2018

You can enjoy herbs during the winter by preserving your abundance of summer herb plants. So, if you have your workstation hooked up to this, every time you power down your computer, your monitor powers down, your printer powers down, your scanner powers down, and so on. But they also have some drawbacks: We often find ourselves in the same room in the house, just surrounded by empty space. Most children, especially young ones, can be entertained very cheaply. But, as with most things, sometimes that very first step is the hardest part.

Explore this guide from Better Money Habits for tips on saving money. Looking for a few simple ways to save money? Explore this guide from Better Money Habits for tips on saving money. Down payment on a home or a remodeling project *If you’re saving for retirement or your child’s education, consider putting that money into an investment.

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Unburden yourself and find something else to do when you need some entertainment. A walk outdoors, a fun puzzle, or a good movie can easily replace your regular mall shopping adventures. This keeps me from making impulse buys on a regular basis. Rent it out on a site like Airbnb. If you live near a popular or tourist area, doing so could bring in a lot of extra money. Just make sure you know the risks and are willing to take the steps required to protect your family and your possessions.

To put your debt into terms that are easy to understand, make a giant progress bar that starts with the amount of debt you have and ends with zero. Each time you pay down a little bit, fill in a little more of that progress bar.

It can help keep your eye on the prize and lead you straight to debt freedom. Do you have a pile of unread magazines sitting around your house?

Not only should you not renew that magazine, but you should give their subscription department a call and try to cancel for a refund. You never know — they might even give you the prorated amount back. Eating a healthy breakfast fills you up with energy for the day while also curbing your desire for a big, expensive lunch.

Meanwhile, breakfast can be very healthy, quick, and inexpensive. A bowl of oatmeal in the morning is often the one thing that keeps me from running out to eat an expensive lunch later in the day. We live in a neighborhood with dozens of families with young children. Because of that, there are a lot of parents out there willing to swap babysitting nights with us, saving us the money of hiring one for an evening out.

A few families even take this to incredible extremes. Try to find another set of parents or two that you trust, and swap nights of babysitting with them. Many people feel as if leftovers are just inferior rehashes of regular meals. Chaining — using the leftovers as a basis for an all-new dish. If you have a regular urge to buy clothes, go through everything that you have and see what you might find.

Take the clothes buried in your dresser and pull them to the top. Instead of going out to eat at work, take your own lunch — if not every day, then at least a couple of times a week. With some thoughtful preparation and just a few minutes of time , you can create something quite enjoyable for your brown bag lunch — and save a fistful of cash each time you do. If you have five pants, seven shirts, and seven ties that all go together, you basically have an endless number of options already.

This is exactly what I do in order to minimize clothing purchases and still look professional — I just mix and remix what I wear by using timeless, simple pieces that go well together. Then, pay attention to what they tell you. They might have some personal insights for your situation that will really help.

At the very least, they might understand your situation better. Years ago, it was far more difficult to find ways to fix everyday items we have in our homes. But today, it should be a piece of cake. You can find online tutorials and videos that show you how to fix almost anything, and all for free. Learning a new skill never hurts either. Nowadays, I keep a small notebook with me to jot down ideas so that I never forget anything important.

Often, having some extra freezer space allows you to buy in bulk and pay lower prices overall. Even better, you can store lots of meals prepared in advance, enabling you to just go home and pop something homemade and cheap in the oven. Read this post if you need help determining whether a deep freezer is worth it. If you live in a truly expensive area, take some time to decide if the extra expense is really worth it.

You may find that a move could mean the difference between having plenty of money and barely scraping by. My town has several wonderful parks, free basketball and tennis courts, free disc golf, trails, and lots of other stuff just there waiting to be used.

All you have to do is discover it. Ask the attendant inside if they have a tire air gauge you can borrow most of them do, both in urban and rural settings , then stop over by the air pump. Check your tires, then use the pump to fill them up to where they should be. Gardening can be an inexpensive hobby if you have a yard.

I like planting a bunch of tomato plants, keeping them cared for, then enjoying the huge flood of tomatoes at the end of each summer. We like to eat them fresh, can them, and make tomato juice, sauce, paste, ketchup, pasta sauce, and pizza sauce. Most communities have a ton of free events, although you may not know about them at the time. When I lived in a larger city, I bought an annual transit pass that actually paid for itself after less than two months of use compared to using an automobile.

This may not be a popular idea, but it works if you have a simple hairstyle. I cut my own hair with a pair of clippers , for example. Just put a garbage bag over the bathroom sink, bust out the clippers and scissors, and get it done. With a bit of practice, you can make it look good, too. If you live near anyone you work with, you might both be able to benefit by carpooling to work.

Doing so could save money and wear and tear on both of your vehicles. You can just dump in your ingredients before work, put it on simmer, and dinner is done when you get home. Maintaining your home can also keep it in better shape and improve the value of your property over time. For example, we buy trash bags, laundry detergent, and diapers in the largest packages we can find.

This cuts down on their cost per usage by quite a bit and, over the long haul, adds up to significant savings. That way, instead of stopping in the middle of the trip, driving around looking for a place to eat, spending a bunch of time there, and then paying a hefty bill, you can just eat on the road or, better yet, stop at a nice park and stretch for a bit.

Not only do they drop in value the moment you drive off the lot, but they continue dropping in value with each year that goes by. If you want to save as much as possible on transportation, look only at used cars in relatively good condition.

If you focus on cars that are only a few years old, you may also be able to find one within its warranty period. Look at it as a free place to do all sorts of things. The real moral of the story? You can get a very good shave with some practice and save a lot of money over the long haul. Find something that makes you want to make positive changes, then use that person or thing as a constant reminder. Keep a picture of it in your wallet, in your vehicle, and on your bathroom mirror.

Keep it in your mind as much as you possibly can. After sitting down with someone at my job, I gained access to free tickets to sporting events, free personal improvement opportunities, and an optional employee match on some retirement funds that maximized the money I was socking away.

This not only cut down on my own spending on things like sporting and community events and educational classes, but also improved my retirement plan. I like to make my own laundry detergent and my own Goo-Be-Gone , for starters. This is often a tricky thing to do, but there are a number of techniques you can try. My favorite one is to be the first one to suggest something — that often gives you the power to steer the group towards things that are cheaper.

If you can convince your friends to go to the park and shoot hoops instead of going golfing, for example, those greens fees are going to stay in your pocket.

Not only is speeding inefficient in terms of gasoline usage, it also can get you pulled over and cost you a bundle between a ticket and higher insurance premiums, as I discovered a while back. Reading is one of the cheapest — and most beneficial — hobbies around. But I was wrong. Several of my family members, friends and co-workers have also had success with Trim.

The right tools were just what I needed to reduce food spending. This has saved me money because I no longer order delivery or takeout to sit and watch TV all by myself. Even with health insurance, prescription drug costs can be a burden.

To lower my out-of-pocket expenses, I downloaded GoodRx and LowestMed , two free apps that search pharmacies for discounts and coupons. The easiest way to save on prescription drugs. But does buying things on sale get you any closer to retirement?

Practical money challenges can help you stay motivated to reach your goals! Cranking the thermostat to penguin-worthy temperatures won't cool the house faster, since air-conditioning works at full throttle until a set temperature is reached. With every degree you lower it, cooling costs increase by about 7 percent. Are you amassing too many fines at the library? Get rid of the old and bring in the new by organizing a book swap at your home, work, or community group.

By trading literature, you and your fellow bookworms can recommend authors to each other and pass around the latest novel du jour without having to spend a dime. Our easy, low-cost solution for covering ugly box springs: Kids go through cereal fast. Make use of all the empty boxes by turning them into no-cost, handy holders for their desks. Large boxes work well for books, small ones for supplies.

Instead of cranking up the heat on cold winter nights, use flannel sheets which are warmer than cotton sheets and add down duvets that will ensure you stay warm and cozy. A 1-pound bag of dried beans yields the same amount as three ounce cans but costs less than half the price. To set a goal, first figure out where your money is going. Use personal finance websites such as mint.

At the end of the month, look for where you can trim, and then set a goal that makes you stretch a little but doesn't leave you subsisting on Ramen noodles. Why splurge on a summery tote when you can transform an orphan pillowcase into a bright shoulder bag? Has the leg of a favorite table fallen off? Give half of your table a second life as a graceful console. The best candidate for this project will be a table that's already split in the middle to accommodate a leaf.

Run appliances such as clothes dryers and dishwashers at night to avoid peak energy rates and the humid heat they generate. Excess humidity is more than uncomfortable -- it can also be expensive, since air conditioners use extra energy to process the moisture.

When there's just a tiny bit of mustard left in the jar, don't throw it out. Instead, toss in a few ingredients, and shake a tangy Dijon vinaigrette right in the container. Fresh herbs are great, but what if you can't use the whole bunch? Tie leftover sprigs together with kitchen twine, and hang them upside down from a rack or shelf in your kitchen to dry. Once dried, transfer the herbs to airtight containers, and keep them in your spice rack. Farmers' markets typically offer organic foods at lower prices than many grocery stores because the food is in season and doesn't travel halfway around the world.

At its peak, produce is most plentiful, which keeps the price lower. To find food cooperatives and farmers' markets, visit localharvest. Near the pantry, create an inventory list so you know what items you have, as well as how much you paid per unit -- for the sake of future comparison shopping.

Warehouse price labels usually contain the purchase price as well as a unit price, which tells you how much you pay for a standard quantity count aspirin, for example. For products you buy often, make a note of the unit price; you can compare it with prices at other stores to find the best deals. Unplug small appliances whenever you can. Computers, cell phone chargers, and other electronics often continue to use power -- and radiate heat -- even when turned off.

To simplify, plug items into a power strip that you can use as a master switch. Looking to eradicate many household odors? For persistent problems, use these natural remedies including eucalyptus, lemon, and vinegar.

Top 50 Money-Saving Tips. These clever tips help keep your cash where it belongs -- in your pocket! Learn how to set your own personal budget with our easy-to-use worksheet. Swipe here for next slide. Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook. It's less about recycling, and more about reducing and reusing. Save on energy bills and keep the planet cleaner.

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The Energy Saver guide offers tips for saving money and energy at home and on the road. By following just a few of the simple tips in the Energy Saver guide, you can make your home more comfortable and easier to heat and cool--while you save money. Here are some tips and strategies that can work for you. 5 Money-Saving Tricks That Actually Work you may be able to save several hundred dollars annually on your home insurance, car. Wondering how to save more money each month? Try these easy money saving tips and you'll have a nice little rainy day fund set aside in no time.


Great Tips for Saving Money; How to Calculate Your Net Worth; How to Make Money; Ways to Save Money 1. Move bank accounts to take advantage of perks and earn more interest This is an especially powerful tip if you find yourself “automatically” stopping for . Saving at Work Through a K Plan; Saving Outside of Work through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) How to Save Money» 54 Ways to Save Money; 54 Ways to Save Money. Savings Tips. Print Email General. Banking, Credit, and Debt. Home Savings Tips. How to be productive when you work from home + 22 time saving tips! Work At Home Work From Home Tips Work From Home Careers Amazon Work From Home Working Mom Tips Productivity Hacks Increase Productivity Being Productive Business Ideas.

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