How I discovered how to efficiently work from home and stop lazy and procrastinating tendencies

And remember, you should connect to the VPN before logging into anything or opening a browser, so make sure to close any browser tabs and programs that automatically login prior to connecting to a network. This is what you might call an advanced nootropic, a heavy hitter. Retrieved 4 May Hathaway's hack into the NSA does not go unnoticed and the U. Increases Choline levels Good , reduced brain-fog, improved motor skills, improved attention span, working memory.

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Hackers consistently target Wi-Fi networks at airports, airlines, hotels, conference venues and local coffee shops to intercept traffic from and run exploits on unsuspecting victims. Ideally, the remote VPN should use two-factor authentication. And remember, you should connect to the VPN before logging into anything or opening a browser, so make sure to close any browser tabs and programs that automatically login prior to connecting to a network.

Finally, turn off automatic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on your devices. Promotional USBs are one of the easiest malware delivery tools in existence. Why is this person encouraging you to boast about past hacks or crimes? Is someone asking you about personal information like where you live or your birthday? Social engineers, law enforcement and nation state intelligence personnel attend these conferences for several reasons.

And since we know ATM skimming has proven successful, you can bet the best place to get cash for the show is from your local bank branch before you leave.

Security professionals around the world are bracing for nothing short of an onslaught of information on new and lingering vulnerabilities from individual devices to whole industrial exposures. For more on cybersecurity trends and events like BlackHat, subscribe to our Bright Ideas newsletter. Subscribe to Bright Ideas. Bill Swearingen is the senior director for cyber defense at CenturyLink.

What I discovered is that autistic individuals are often observed to have a deficiency in the brain chemical choline , an unbalanced endocannabinoid system and brain inflammation. Nootropics are not just limited to helping those with autism, they have a wide range of uses in medicine and enhancing cognitive performance. The great thing about this community is that they care little for anecdotal evidence and demand scientific studies for credible claims, members often going into long winded discussions over the evidence and possibilities.

Using this subreddit I was able to discover a plethora of nootropics which can be used to enhance many parts of the brain. Used in medicine for: Value as a nootropic: Improved ability to focus and zone-in, A sense of calmness, Reduced anxiety, Clear thinking, Slightly enhanced memory and creativity, Greatly reduces feelings of fatigue and tiredness without feeling wired.

CBD is not psychoactive. This means that even though it is derived from cannabis it will not get you high. Many nootropics and drugs create imbalances which can be beneficial to your goals but have some negative side effects.

This represents itself through feelings of clear thinking, calm energy, reduced fatigue, reduced brain-fog, an active working memory, no headaches and more. So if you are prone to brain-fog , tiredness in the morning and find yourself unable to concentrate due to anxious feelings , then CBD will be very helpful to you.

Due to CBD previously being almost unregulated, there were several bad sellers who scammed and sold very poor quality products.

This is now changing due to the reclassification in the UK. The retailers I recommend below are well known for delivering good quality CBD and they are priced very well. As of the date of this article there is no reason why I would choose any other seller. Citicoline is naturally occurring in the cells of human and animal tissue, in particular the organs. Neuroprotective, Replenishes choline levels, enhanced cell signalling, increased cerebral blood flow, reduces oxidative stress, prevents inflammation.

Increases Choline levels Good , reduced brain-fog, improved motor skills, improved attention span, working memory. Citicoline replenishes your choline levels in the brain. Choline is found in a lot of meat and dairy products and is an essential nutrient for cognitive function.

Taking Citicoline will enhance your memory, eliminate brain-fog at the right dosage , increase motor speed and attention span and reduce low-choline induced headaches. There is also anecdotal evidence and observations made that low choline levels during pregnancy can cause autism.

Citicoline also counteracts the impulsivity and and task performance of cannabis smokers. Citicoline is part of the foundation in which I build my daily stack, especially since it helps with choline deficiency in autistic disorders. It does not directly stimulate the brain, it simply ensures that the brain has what it needs to function at a high level.

I prefer this type of nootropic over stimulants. It is also neuroprotective and generally increases cognitive function, especially when combined with CBD oil.

Dosages are very important with Citicoline. The recommended dosages did not give me any benefit, in fact, they impaired my cognitive function. I found that after taking Citicoline at what is supposedly a normal dose, I would get terrible brain fog, my vision would be a little off and I was generally fuzzy headed. After researching and sifting through tons of blog posts, Reddit posts and pubmed.

I was previously taking mg of Citicoline once and sometimes twice daily, now I take mg once per day. What I recommend is that you start with small doses and work yourself up to a dose where you start to feel like brain-fog is developing, then you know your limit and you can reduce the dose slightly. It was discovered as a constituent of green tea in and in was isolated from gyokuro leaves, which have high theanine content. Increases serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and glycine levels, Anxiolytic, Increases brain alpha waves, improved cognitive function and working memory.

Synergistic with many other substances. Synergistic with caffeine for increased cognitive function, Reduced anxiety, Improved mood, Enhanced focus, Increased motivation. It is a great place to start when building your first stack and many people use it as a foundation. L-theanine is mostly found in the black and green tea you find in your local shop.

It is part of the reason why a cup or green tea can be beneficial for you and also the reason Matcha tea is effective. L-theanine is widely known to synergise with caffeine to produce well documented improvements in cognitive ability.

The studies are numerous to support this claim. If I decide to have a coffee, I combine it with L-theanine and I definitely feel an improvement in my ability to zone-in on my work. L-theanine also has a great ability to take the jittery feeling away from coffee.

For most people, they can consume x the recommended dose and feel fine, but for me, I find that L-theanine, in too high a dose will give me jittery feelings and excite my nervous system which can be uncomfortable and cause me to feel uneasy. I still use L-theanine as combining it with CBD oil and reducing my caffeine intake mostly solved this problem completely. But it is just something to be aware of.

A Bulletproof coffee is basically a frothy looking black coffee which contains no milk. It is made with a high fat oil such as coconut oil and then blended with unsalted butter until frothy. It sounds disgusting but it actually tastes pretty good and there is some good science behind why the ingredients combine to make a nice energy booster.

The ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting diet synergises amazingly with Bulletproof coffee. Caffeine has been documented as boosting ketosis and the high fat content of the Bulletproof coffee only works to further that goal. Bulletproof coffee is like the fashionable new brand on the block, it is also expensive. There are currently three major components of the Bulletproof brand which you can purchase to make the coffee exactly how they instruct. Mental clarity is a thing of beauty and modern science allows us to provide nutrients to our body in ways that were impossible before the 21st century.

This is what you might call an advanced nootropic, a heavy hitter. Many people use Aniracetam to help them relax and to help them with creative aspects of their work. Personally I found it made my anxiety worse. There is also the related Piracetam which I have not tested. It is supposed to be more stimulatory and allows many people to focus on their work more without the relaxing effect of Aniracetam.

A lot of people have reported success using the racetam family of nootropics but I urge you to do your due-diligence and research racetams before using them. Taurine is found in animal meat and has many benefits for the body. It will increase physical endurance slightly, it crosses the blood brain barrier where it is involved in many functions and it also has an anxiolytic effect.

Unfortunately many drugs that have an anxiolytic effect have paradoxical results for me. I have to be careful with drugs which affect my GABA system, such as taurine. After using taurine for a few days at low levels I started to get constant anxiety and panicky feelings. This is however, very unusual, taurine is an extremely safe supplement to take.

I do actually recommended trying taurine as there is a definite increase in overall energy and it is a great supplement to take before exercise. Ashwagandha is used to treat adrenal function problems, it reduces cortisol levels, it regulates thyroid function and has a strong anxiolytic effect. It also caused a phenomenon called brain zaps which was extremely uncomfortable.

Brain zaps feel like a strong electric shock inside your head and is a symptom of serotonin imbalances. However, if you believe you may have a specific thyroid problem then ashwagandha can certainly give you some benefit short term. Picking out a good multivitamin makes all of the difference.

If you have several bottles of singular vitamins then you will have absorption problems. Taking all of these vitamins and minerals separately is a bad idea and they will compete for absorption.

I shopped around for a multi-vitamin which could do the job. I currently use the Seven Seas Multivitamin for men over age I find this has the right balance and it includes all of the vitamins above. I will be updating this post throughout the life of this blog. I want this post to be something that people who are struggling to stay focused can depend upon to impart good information and get them back on track.

This section of the post represents my current daily stack and will be updated if anything changes. By changing up my routine I improved many aspects of my ability to work harder while working from home. Such a simple change made a huge impact for me personally. Their training is all about being at a physical peak of energy and endurance. It kicked my ass like nothing before. The difference was like night and day.

I found that this workout hit my body in places I had never felt while weight lifting. This expending of energy regularly gives you a feeling of ease and happiness while sitting and not moving.

It adds balance to your life and balance is exactly what we need to help us commit to something with the least resistance. Day by day we make decisions that we think fulfil our current needs and we make plans for our future. We are taught many things in life but we are never told how to important it is to have a philosophical direction in life.

I believe having a philosophy on how to live our lives is very important to finding some value in our own existence. Mental health is a very important subject and I believe that troubled people are often suffering existential crisis and part of the problem is not having any understanding or philosophy of the world to live by. Being a conscious human being with awareness of the futility of life can be scary for many people and is a natural byproduct of self awareness. I discovered the Stoic philosophy and feel that I have a much greater grasp on how I should be leading my life.

Stoicism is all about helping you lead your life in a way that gives you control, understanding and focus on your core goals. This has been a long journey for me and it is not over yet.

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