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In addition, we must not forget critical elements for success like researching the company, giving a firm handshake, keeping mobile devices stored away and of course, following up with a time-honored staple, the thank you note.

How do you make a great impression virtually? Sometimes the best way to make money from home can be found right under your nose. If your area of expertise is public relations or you want to try and make money writing from home, there are opportunities out there that could be right for you. Learn about virtual PR firms as well as how to earn income as a blogger, writer, or editor.

This section includes legitimate word of mouth marketing and paid online survey sites, explains what mystery shopping is all about, lists great websites to swap items or services and tells you how to channel your inner Judge Judy. This section offers a variety of opportunities to consider for making money at home. You know how some people grow up knowing what they want to do from a very young age? Back to school season is in full swing for kids everywhere, which may leave some stay-at-home parents feeling empty nest vibes.

Why not become a parentpreneur parent and entrepreneur and start a small business from the comfort of your own home? Sure, it can be a little stressful in the beginning to grow the business […]. There is a generous amount of information online regarding summer businesses and jobs on a local level, but what happens when fall rolls around?

Surely people in your area still need assistance? And more than likely, you still need an income. Getting rid of them can mean taking every piece of trash outside every day, cleaning your sink with bleach after each use, and keeping every bit of food tightly locked up.

You may even turn to harsh chemicals and sticky fly traps. Luckily, there are some simple solutions you can try, with materials you have around your house, before turning your life upside down to rid yourself of pests. Below are three homemade solutions to try.

These trap designs work for most types you find in your home: House flies, fruit flies, and bluebottles blow flies. The only difference is in the type of bait you'll use. You most likely have all the supplies to make a homemade bottle fly trap on hand.

All you need are:. Your homemade fly trap is done! Place it wherever you see a concentration of flies, such as next to a garbage can, sink, or fruit basket.

They will be attracted to the smell and fly down into the bottle. Luckily, flies aren't the brightest creatures, and will be unable to find their way back out through the small hole. When enough flies have collected in the bottle, throw it away outside and set out a new one.

Flies like to feast on organic decaying material by "organic" I mean stuff that is derived from living matter, not things that were raised without pesticides.

The kind of bait you need depends on what kind of fly you have. The better the bait is, the better your trap will be. You might try experimenting with several different kinds to find out which works best for you. A combination of sweet and meat probably works best to cover your bases. Mix scraps of meat the older, the better with something sweet see list below. Lots of people swear by using rotten fish or shrimp, which probably work best because they smell so much.

Bait for Fruit Flies: Use fruit the riper, the better , apple cider vinegar, fruit juice, syrup, wine, beer, or any combination.

This trap will work as-is, because the flies can't resist the smell and will dive right in just to drown in the liquid, but I suggest covering the bowl with saran wrap you have poked a few holes in holes that are just large enough for the flies to get through. This way, all the flies that come to investigate will be trapped, even if they don't fall into the liquid.

Some people say this method helps trap more flies, but others say fewer flies are able to find their way into the trap in the first place. If you're using the right kind of bait, though, that should be enough to keep them coming.

Fruit flies are most attracted to sweet, red liquids. Red wine works great, although white wine can work too. Once again, the inferior intellect of the fly will allow it to find its way in but not back out the tiny hole. Any cup or jar will work with this method if you don't have a wine bottle. Fill it with any sweet bait and liquid and put the paper cone on top. Place it wherever the flies are the biggest problem. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Prevention should be the first step before you cause drawing no-see-ums, bees, flies, etc. Sprays and stuff work some what, however most bugs are attracted to open drink containers then to your body. Odor and smells seems to be the attraction for bothersome bugs, so by having any drink container completely covered helps by not advertising it.

Ever run from a Bee or Wasp? A solid lid is a great way to reduce attracting things, no straws, no sippy lids. You can take used coffee grounds or unused if necessary , make certain they are dry. Keep slightly upwind of guests.

It could be the death of the fly swatter: I will have to give it a go. Thank you for sharing.

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Aug 03,  · These trap designs work for most types you find in your home: House flies, fruit flies, and bluebottles (blow flies). The only difference is in the type of bait you'll use. What you'll need for a Reviews: Promotion details: Coupon: 20% Off With Code: LABORDAY20 is available until AM EST on on select styles. Discount is reflected in pricing and excludes final sale and out of stock items. May 07,  · WATCH ALL MY PARODIES - GET THE SONG - FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM TO WIN THE TOOL BELT - Author: Bart Baker.

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