Find a Real Work-From-Home Job (and Sidestep Scams)

If you're asking if most "work-at-home" opportunities are anywhere near as good as the ads offering them make them out to be The best deals and coupons to save on everything you buy. And in the middle of it all, Internet criminals are now targeting people desperate to find jobs. Your Local Jeweler Remember, these companies will pay you based only on the weight of the gold; they do not pay for gemstones. Photo of police officer breastfeeding malnourished baby goes viral. Cop calms boy's anxiety after pulling over mom.

Promises, promises: Work-from-home scams We've seen people who are highly educated victimized by these types of scams. There's nobody who's immune from it. NBC's Chris Hansen reports.

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Please do not fall for the "Jennifer Johnson" or "Elizabeth Jackson" scam! Are work at home jobs legit? There are few legit work at home opportunities, like freelance sites, which don't ask you to pay a certain amount of money to get a job. All you need to do is sign-up, create … a profile, and bid on jobs. If you're asking if most "work-at-home" opportunities are anywhere near as good as the ads offering them make them out to be Even in the ones which aren't outright scams, it's much more difficult to succeed than the ads make it sound.

Some of them give high gross income figures, but neglect to mention that your expenses will be high as well the "stuffing envelopes" kind are notorious for this. Others require you to risk a significant amount of your own money on a chancy proposition.

In general, here's a couple of rules of thumb: If the work does require special training and the company that's touting the opportunity provides that training for a fee, it's a scam.. Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea:.

What the instructions you get for your "materials fee" tell you to do instead is take out classified ads offering envelope stuffing jobs.

Any suckers that respond, you ask for a materials fee and then send them the same information. Nobody needs envelopes stuffed. If they do, they hire some schmuck for minimum wage to come into their office and do it or, more likely, they contract it out to someone who specializes in this and has automatic folding and stuffing machines that can do these at a rate of thousands per hour I have a friend who runs a direct mail company, and you should SEE his envelope printer; it has multiple print heads and prints the addresses on envelopes as they run past on a conveyor belt at several per second.

After you've assembled them into jewelry or whatever geegaws they're selling, you'll be told your work "does not meet quality standards" and told that they won't buy the assembled goods, so you're out the money for supplies with no income to show for it instead you've got a bunch of crap no one wants; I guess you could give them out as Christmas presents or something..

But then you're all set, right? Doctors and clinics don't hire out their billing to starry-eyed schlubs who just started; they either do it in-house or go with some company probably run by a CPA, who started it as an adjunct to his existing CPA business that's been doing it for 20 years. What are some legit work-at-home jobs on the internent? Turns out that big check was no good. Even though Carol thought she'd checked it out, even though her bank gave her the money.

It turned out to be sophisticated counterfeit. And you may be surprised to learn that in cases like that, a bank can still reverse the deposit - and hold you responsible. And that's exactly what was happening to Carol. In effect, Carol hadn't wired the company's money, she'd sent her own.

Draining her bank account. My life just turned upside-down. Because- I mean, I couldn't do nothing but cry. Who's behind the job scams - cheating Americans looking for honest work?

Join us as we go online and undercover, applying for jobs, and taking you inside the scams. We're on the trail of thieves using legitimate Web sites to cheat Americans desperately searching for jobs in an ailing economy.

With the help of volunteers, Dateline starts applying for fake "work-at-home" jobs. And we discover the scammers placing fake ads - stealing the names real companies to look legitimate. Pretending to be companies like Genentech, a cutting edge bio-tech firm; Staples, the office supply powerhouse; even Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street giant.

Before long, we're hired by some of the fake companies, and the scammers start sending us money orders and checks. But phone calls to the real companies confirm the checks are counterfeit. So, where are the counterfeits coming from? Dateline discovered the scammers actually recruit innocent people like Debbie Perry to do their dirty work by hiring them as so-called "payroll clerks.

Debbie Perry shows check: This is the reason you called me. Debbie is a single mom from Ohio. She says she met a man online who used this picture and called himself Jackson Rolland. Offered her a part-time job, and told her to buy a popular business check-writing program called "versa-check.

Every week, her "online" boss would send her a "payroll" list with the names of people who were supposed to get what she thought were legitimate checks.

So lemme get this straight. He would give you the routing numbers and the account numbers. Debbie showed us how the check-writing program lets you take a copy of a signature, and insert it right on the check.

I have one in your name. Would you like to see it? They look like a real check - and they even have a watermark on them. And in the beginning, you thought this was legitimate.

I thought it was legitimate because he had the signature and everything. Looking back, Debbie says she feels guilty she didn't figure it out earlier. But she finally got suspicious - and quit. But not before the scammer who calls himself "Jackson Roland" had tricked her into sending out the same sort of counterfeit checks that fooled Carol Browning - and thousands of other people looking for jobs.

And where is the scammer?

Dateline uncovers online schemes theives used to dupe innocent victims

Most of the work from home jobs seen on TV, including on stationslike CNN, NBC, and FOX, are not authentic work from home jobs generally. As Seen on Fox CNN ABC CBS Forbes - Really? Updated! Published on March 20, Banners like the one above are seen on many make money from home programs, eBooks, and systems that are being hawked. Subscribe now and get trending stories, celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.


Jul 20,  · It's difficult to be a good parent and simultaneously work well at home, says Durst, because most jobs require blocks of uninterrupted time to accomplish tasks, and children's schedules are less Author: Melissa Ezarik, Just because you want to work from home doesn't mean you'll be able to. Some jobs have to be done in at the office, which means you may not be able to continue exactly what you were doing before. Feb 05,  · MSNBC Reports on Work At Home Jobs and They Really Work! You can make money online in minutes, you don't even have to be good with computers! Try out our program for only $1!!!

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