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I served out my entire first year, went well, reviews were always positive, things were great. What do you think about work-at-home ads quality rater jobs? Flexible telecommuting, excellent benefits, no micromanagement. Maybe it was the task shortage. It is frustrating and unbelievable how they conduct a business.

Work at home for Google as an ads quality rater. Find out what's required for these positions, how to apply, and what kind of work you'll be doing.

Ads Quality Rater Jobs

I really miss those days. I have actually worked for both Leapforce and Appen. Leapforce can reply immediately or they wait a month.

Appen takes 3 weeks to a month to respond and the hiring process can be lengthy. But it was always far more reliable for work, apart from a brief period during the holidays and end of the year when some tasks ran out, which happened every time in the 5 years I worked for them. PS, friend some Appen higher-ups on LinkedIn and you may be more likely to get a response. Some people still have problem. I hope you all have been able to get some tasks, I was able to get 2.

So come on over ASAP ladies and gentleman and start a discussion, I am excited for this opportunity because I think we can really help each other out to be successful when it comes to online work.

The URL is http: I have some tasks now and then. It is annoying that I might have only 2 tasks… 3 min now and 30min later… We slould make a blog to discuss there….

Good luck to all. I am so sorry to hear that news: There is so much more out there, just look at my comment a few comments down it will give you a place to start. Truthfully you could be back working in a weeks if your dedicated. Blessings to you two and anyone else in the same situation. Keep your head up! I was wondering if you received any indication that your work was an issue.

Did you ever receive an email stating that your rating ability was not sufficient? I did work for Leapforce at one time so that may be an option for you. Do you all rate only in English? I rate mostly in French almost never in English to be honest and I do not think I struggled as much as you did to get tasks. I have had no tasks this weekend unfortunately and truthfully I have been debating looking around for other opportunities.

In my opinion you can never go wrong having your eggs in multiple baskets if you will. Thank goodness there are tons of opportunities, you just have to be patient and resilient. My hope is that this week tasks will be available again and I can hold off my search for sometime but I always like to have possibilities ready for any situation. ABE services looks extremely promising as far as Ad Rating goes and I really want to look into them for the future but my big question is if they are tied to ZeroChaos.

Perhaps being a rater for ZeroChaos will eliminate our chance of rating for ABE but maybe that is not the case. It is really something one of us should look into, especially when the 12 month mark approaches. Otherwise I know of about other very solid rating type jobs that would just take about a month to get started with. This is far from the only online opportunity.

Honestly, I think we will be back to normal very soon, but have hope no matter what because there are multiple opportunities out there, and more coming out each and every day. You mentioned there were a bunch of other online opportunities that you knew of. Would you be able to share any of that information? Somehow I managed to get 3. The feeling of no tasks is a bitter one….

Wishfinger, I would be happy to get you started with recommendations that I am familiar with. The first place I would look is, isoftstone. Other than that, someone who is close to me loves Leapforce! It is definitely longer term and there can be tons of hours available depending on the project you are in.

I hope this helps! Stay positive and hopeful there are so many opportunities for those who are perseverant. Hi James, Work was slow during the last two weeks of the year but now things are back to normal, however I am interested in knowing the other companies that does this kind of work except the ones we know about like Leapfrog, Lionsbridge and Appen Hill.

Your response is greatly appreciated. I have been trying to work all day today and nothing. Glad to see I am not the only one having this problem, but this will be the 3rd week for me submitting the no task form.

Little did I know it was in the comments section of an article from I planned on making a lot of money this month, and am now barely making rent for January. Let that be a lesson to any looking to join! I need them munz, hunz. Wondering if I should start a forum where we could all gather and talk like this in a more structured way, or if such a place already exists.

I feel the exact same way you do blowypoem, I was set on paying off quite a few bills this month but well…. I honestly think we will return to normal this week but then I again I thought this week would be normal.

As long as it is within the rating rulebook I think a forum would be amazing! It would certainly give me peace of mind to hear from everyone. We could offer suggestions, opinions and even share online opportunities. I also think some sort of forum would be nice… I think it is good that something was started here as it is comforting to know that other people are having issues.

Zerochaos seems extremely private and they provide little assistance or feedback when there are technical issues as such or just in general. There are other rating sites out there that have blogs built within the actual worksite. I have heard about ABE services and that is my next choice but what other ones are out there similar to zerochaos? Nice to hear from you Daniel and Mar! Same for me here as far as no tasks this weekend….

I am fairly certain I will be short of 10 hours for the second week in a row unless tasks somehow appear tomorrow. Just trying to stay positive here, eventually we have to return to normal, since the holidays are now behind us I believe things will straighten out soon.

Happy new years everyone! I was only able to do 1. I actually havent had tasks on Saturday or Sunday for a while. Happy New Year everyone! I was able to get 1. Seems as though I have ran out of tasks now but hopefully more will come up throughout the day!

Work has been pretty tough to acquire this week. Is it necessary to submit the form by Friday or can i do it on Sunday?

Still slow for me as well, it seems as though tasks become harder to acquire as the week progresses. I just really wish there was some type of communication, letting us know what is happening and what to expect.

Without it we are all left wondering. Last week I was only able to complete 14 hours and I always make my 20 hours each week. Today also has also been extremely difficult to complete any tasks.

I hope it picks up again. Has anyone had any luck acquiring tasks today? Today I squeezed out 2 hrs. The system was a bit off…tasks took longer to load and I only think it will get worse as the week progresses. The past two weeks for me I have only been able to get 10 hours eachof those weeks. This week, I got 4. I ran out last night around The past two days I have been getting more work at night than in the morning..

However, going off of the trend that has been happening the past two weeks, usually Wednesday is when it is almost impossible to get tasks and then Thursday-Sunday you get absolutely zero tasks. I agree all around but have no expectations that we will get explanation. Over time weekends have become harder to get hours generally.

I, too, almost always got good hours in he early. I am at 6 for week and if Wed,stays bad, well it will be an under 10 for sure. I was only able to get about an hour and a half and ran out around This is really frustrating because it is like getting worse and worse every week. I did a few tasks this morning before work and got the sense they would run out quickly…. The exact same thing happened to me last week, 1.

Overall, I enjoy rating so I feel motivated and excited to work. But it makes the lack of tasks even more disheartening. I feel I lost out on weeks of my contract but I guess all we can do is hope the system issue is taken care of before New Years otherwise it maybe another full week of shortage.

It is difficult not to become saddened but deep down I think this will pass: Sadly today has been another zero task day… I have a feeling tomorrow will be different with everyone coming back from the long Christmas weekend.

I was only able to get 10 hours last week and I got 10 hours this week as well, barely. Really looking forward to getting back to my 29 hours. I am close to 10 hours but not quite there yet. Even though I have the time to do 20 hours plus I will be happy to hit 10 this week with the lack of tasks. I am hoping others are having better luck this week?

I hope we can just be back to normal soon! Is there anything I would need to do if I am under 10 hours due to system issues? Ii got close to 10 by Wed. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me and thank you for your guidance in regards to the form. Is that your plan of action? I feel as though no one is adding tasks or working on the shortage issue, because of the fact it is the holidays and a weekend, so we might be out of luck now until Monday…I hope I am wrong but at the same time I am just so thankful to even have this opportunity.

Just want to make sure I do things right and I think we will be back in action soon! Thanks again for the information Gail I will keep me posted, I am hoping we can still make it over 10 this week: Hopefully next week there will be more tasks available.

If you read through the information they gave you when you began the job, the full information about how to handle task shortages and underhours is all in there. Same last week, I may be my new set up. What exactly does it say? I agree sending no task forms is a waste of time, now that I know this. Glad to find kindred spirits as it takes away some of he stress. It was by luck. Wish there was more of a regular meeting place on line to share etc. Violet, thank you so very much for your guidance!

You are too kind for helping me! Perhaps a forum of some sort even if it is very simple it would be extremely helpful. For now we just all need to imagine the glorious 29 hour weeks of the past where tasks were abundant…. Last week was the firs time in the prior weeks where I was able to get my 29 hrs. I do email them the shortage task form and it seems within a short amount of time I have tasks again.

Tasks are available again for me! I was able to get them again about 45 minutes ago, first time in nearly 3 days. Hopefully everyone else will be able to get back to work soon! Jo I am so glad to hear that: I will be able to try it out on my end tonight so hoping for good news also! Thanks for sharing this information it made my day to hear they are back. Here is to many many more tasks, blessings!

I am only now reaching my ten hours where I usually get ten hours in two days. I can get 30 minutes here and there throughout the day but one day this week I was only able to get 15 minutes.

They have a message in the system now saying to expect task shortages… I wonder how long this will last. Where is the message? I made my 10 by Friday and nothing so far this weekend. I have sent work shortage forms but those never get a response. This message appears at the top of the screen when you log into the system: Expect intermittent task shortages, especially for desktop tasks.

It has been up there since Friday. However, I am not experiencing intermittent task shortages… I am experiencing complete task shortages. I have been unable to get any work since Friday evening.

At least in my Acquire Task page right across the top it states to except intermittent task shortages. With that being said, the only time tasks have been available for me was early Saturday morning.

I have been consistently checking since with absolutely no luck. Hopefully this gets straightened out with all the holiday bills that arise, it gets to be disheartening when you have the time but no work.

Also interesting post about ABE services down below…. I am certainly going to look into them. Same for me… up until this point, I have been averaging hours per week.

So it is a little disappointing around the holidays. If you search ads quality rater jobs, zerochaos is still hiring although in other languages at this time.

Or at least they still have job ads posted.. The system is not moving on to new tasks but stays on the acquiring next task screen. I have been able to get hours here and there but it is very sporadic and I was unable to get my full 29 hours in which is rare.

Anyone else having this problem? I also have a friend who is having the same issue. Yes I am having the same exact issues and its really frustrating because I also havent received any e-mails on how well im doing or if im doing everything wrong!! I just hope it picks up soon and I am not let go of after only two weeks. I believe the problem is fixed, as I have not had any issues at all today and have been able to steadily acquire work.

This issue had taken place since last Thursday and I was not able to get all of my hours in before Sunday. I wish we could get compensated when we cannot acquire work because of their technical issues… Oh well. Hopefully it stays fixed.. Are you still experiencing those technical issues? Unfortunately yes I am still struggling. It was going good Monday-Wednesday but I started having issues last night and I was only able to get twelve minutes today. No but struggling to get tasks since yesterday evening..

They are a joke. I did this last year and to apply, you go through this ridiculous process that feels like your applying for a position with the FBI or CIA. I replied to this asking if I am doing something wrong to please let me know so I can correct whatever the issue may be moving forward, bout an hour later I was terminated with yet another generic email. More like Mega Chaos! AVOID wasting your precious time with these circus clowns at all costs! I am amazed at the changes that recent applicants have offered.

I received an email last year around this time and did not get a formal invitation til earlier this year. Started in Jan and got laid off last month.

Like for several, there was little notice and little feedback. It takes days, not 90 to reapply. If they have changed the guidelines in that short amount of time, that should be a red flag, people. And to reiterate, just because there have been exceptions about support issues does not make the rule. I simply call a spade a spade.

When I asked about a time sheet, the response took almost a week and to add insult to injury, the supervisor did not even read what I wrote. He made a comment about tasks availability. Luckily, I rarely had trouble with tasks availability but I had to increase my scheduled availability.

You have been forewarned. You have two chances to take and pass the test. This sounded to good to be true and I guess it is! They usually reply within the day of for the other steps via E-mail. Anyways, how you find out you failed the first one and do you need to answer EVERY question correct to get the job? Really need this job. Could you let me know where you went to apply for this job? Like what site did you visit? I found the main profile and resume upload, but no application.

You typically have to search for it on Indeed, CareerBuilder, or Craigslist. They will offer you a job if you passed. They will also send you the test letting you know how well you did. I heard back the next day. Anyone have an experience like mine? I applied in August, just started work last week a lot of hoops to get through. I went through the training just fine, got my positive email from my 50 responses.

I was waiting to start my actual tasks, but received an email today saying my project had ended. And all my feedback was positive. I just found your website and really like your content! Very informative, you really do a great job on help people make an extra money, thanks!

I worked for ZeroChaos and also made a review because they made some changes on the road. I am in Australia. Its been 15 days and no reply. Does that mean my application is rejected?

It is contractual for a 12 month aggreement but this position is contingent on a background check, work flow and accuracy. They can cancel the contract at anytime without notice. You have to prove you are able to work in the US by going to a local testing facility and submitting your legal documents as proof. This was not long but it has to be done quickly as well as quickly complteing several online documents. One thing that is incorrect about this article is that ZeroChaos has strictly stated that you CANNOT sign back up after your contract is up, however they do review your workflow around your 11th month and may offer you another 12month contract.

Note this is only for some individuals,NOT everyone and they ask that you do not cantact them about it. This article needs to be updated because I was too was a bit bummed that it was for a year but when I seen that I could reapply I thought it would be worth a short break but NO, you CANNOT reapply once your contract is up and that is IF they do not request for another 12 month extentension.

I hope this helps everyone. Also check as many job board leads as you can to find postings for the postion. As I found my post on zipliner jobs for Louisiana and I live in Florida. I followed the specific instructions for sending in a resume and REQUIRED cover letter and assessment questions, and recieved a response within two days. Can you email me kristina. I set up my profile on their website. Thank you so much.

I have applied several times and have not heard anything back yet. It must be a long process. For you guys that used to work or are currently working for ZeroChaos, do you mean you can log in whenever you want ex. Also, can the working hours be different each week based on your convenience? Yes you can log in whenever you want. I actually like working late nights and saturdays and you do not need to log in everyday as long as you work at least 10hrs. May I ask you one more question?

I was wondering if they require how many ads the ad rater should rate in an hour. Thank you very much! I barely work on them now and I mostly rate in french which is faster for me as it is my first language. Have you already started rating?

Yes, you can work any time and have different hours each week. You can log in multiple times a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I applied to an open position listed on Monster. Do I try to apply through a different site like Careerbuilder? I do not know what to do or how long to wait.

I applied about a year ago through email and never heard back, but shortly after got hired by Lionbridge. Needless to say, I forgot about ZeroChaos until I saw job postings. I gave up Lionbridge a few months ago, but really trying to get in with Zerochaos this time around.

Any help would be awesome! Hoping to find someone who knows if applying twice through different methods will hinder me; if so, how long do I wait to apply through a different site? I do not understand the onboarding process at Zerochaos.

After gather all my info and an offer letter signed and my start day is confirmed they dropped the offer with very unclear explanation. It is my second assignment, no change in my background, references is good what is the problem? I applied at appx 10pm one night I was written back at 3: Your resume has been reviewed and approved in response to your application for the ZeroChaos at Google Ads Quality Rater temporary position. Zerochaos is definitely a Real Company.

I have been trying for years to get on a Ad quality rater or Search Eval. But Best of Luck to you!! I know that a few people mentioned that they were fired on a moments notice without notification or cause but unfortunately that is the nature of being an AT WILL employee. Your employment can last up to a year but like most jobs it is not guaranteed.

I would still encourage people to apply and see if it works for them! From what I read when I was hired as I am newly hired, it did state that your employment will be terminated if your quality of work declines, just a note.

I gave up for a while until I came across their Ads for Quality Rater position that were posted recently on CareerBuilder. I applied and for the first time heard back very quickly!

I just started this month and I am kinda nerves after all those comments. Design… train models and monitor quality metrics. You will help improve the end-users experience throughout Googles ad ecosystem. Web Search Evaluator - German Speakers.

Search Evaluators perform basic online tasks to evaluate the quality and relevance of internet-based search results, advertisements… new technologies and receive income while helping improve the quality and relevancy of search returns! Freight Rater - Direct Hire Authority. Web Search Evaluator - Chinese Speakers. Web Search Evaluator - Israel. Web Search Evaluator - Morocco.

Web Search Evaluator - Netherlands. Web Search Evaluator - Ethiopia. Web Search Evaluator - India. Page 1 of 1. Email me jobs for: Your Job Alert was created! Taking you to the job you clicked earlier Enter job title edit.

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One of the more flexible telecommuting jobs is as a search engine evaluator or ads quality rater. Find out how you can work from home as a Google ads quality rater. Search Ads Quality Rater jobs. Get the right Ads Quality Rater job with company ratings & salaries. 21 open jobs for Ads Quality Rater. Work from Home as a Google Quality Rater You can work from home as a Google Quality Rater or Ads Quality Rater. Moms who come across job ads for Google sometimes refer to these two positions interchangeably, but these are two different jobs.


If you are looking for a non-phone online job, perhaps you can pay a regular visit on the ZeroChaos page. The company is looking for ads quality raters. Google calls the jobs "ads quality rater." This is one of only a few home-based Google job opportunities. Other companies also hire for search evaluation positions, and many of them also work for Google. Quality Rater jobs available on Indeed a positive environment by monitoring workloads of the team while meeting client expectations and respecting the work-life quality of team members ENSIGN Building Solutions utilizes the principles of Building Science to provide services related to home construction, moisture management, energy.

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