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Crittenden was taking a beginners' writing program at 20th Century Fox when former The Simpsons showrunner David Mirkin hired her on the show. My contractions started an hour ago. He is always governed by an urge for immediate self-satisfaction. Just as Homer brings out brings out the contradictions of the American middle class, Marge makes obvious the problems of the modern housewife. The episode was written by Mike Scully. At first they attempt to hide their identity. To celebrate, Homer and Marge have a romantic evening together

In , Homer hated working at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, and had a dream of working at a bowling alley. After he received a paycheck that cleared him of all his debts, he quit his job at the power plant, and got a job at the local bowling alley. When Homer and Marge "snuggled" to celebrate this development, she became pregnant. Homer was not happy when he found out about Marge's .

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The scene then cuts to his workplace where all of the photos of Maggie are positioned on the plaque on the wall, which now reads: Crittenden was taking a beginners' writing program at 20th Century Fox when former The Simpsons showrunner David Mirkin hired her on the show. After Homer quits his job at the power plant, he violently tosses his old boss Mr. Burns out of the cart he is driving. Homer then drives across a wooden bridge and tosses a match onto it; the whole bridge is instantly engulfed in flames.

In the episode, Mr. Burns places a "de-motivational plaque" in Homer's station that reads "Don't forget: Homer then places photos of Maggie around the plaque to alter it into saying "Do it for her". The couch gag is a reference to the James Bond gun barrel sequence.

Hibbert 's flashback hairstyle is modeled after Arsenio Hall 's. On September 4, , 23 years after the episode's original broadcast, Simpsons producer Matt Selman posted a tweet saying that he had noticed a continuity error in the episode. When Marge announces to Homer that she is pregnant with Maggie , a photo of the baby can be seen in the background.

In its original broadcast, "And Maggie Makes Three" finished 47th in the ratings for the week of January 16 to January 22, , with a Nielsen rating of Since airing, the episode has received many positive reviews from fans and television critics. One-time The Simpsons writer and comedian Ricky Gervais named it his second favorite episode, and said: Burns gives [Homer] this terrible plaque above his desk that says, 'Don't forget: Homer then puts up all the pictures of Maggie he's ever taken to strategically cover this horrible thing so it now reads, 'Do it for her.

The flashback to seems a bit odd, but this is a good example of a story that doesn't overly rely on set pieces and confounded expectations for its success. TV Squad 's Adam Finley said the episode "manages to be both incredibly funny and incredibly touching, both signs of a great Simpsons episode".

Homer is not thrilled with the idea of having a baby, and the episode does a wonderful job of showing the dark side of having another mouth to feed. In any case, this one has many hilarious moments — such as the scene that explains Homer's hair loss. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This scene is often regarded as one of the most heart-warming moments in the show's history.

Richmond, Ray ; Coffman, Antonia, eds. Archived from the original on Retrieved on November 19, Archived from the original on 19 October And Maggie Makes Three".

Archived from the original on 19 September The Complete Sixth Season ". Through careful budgeting, he managed to make his dream of working in the bowling alley come true. It meant less pay, but also less stress, a friendly atmosphere, a job he truly loved, and enabled the family to have just enough money to get by with the four of them. Homer's theory that everything would be fine so long as nothing changed was correct—so far.

Moments afterwards, he celebrated with Marge, concluding the evening with a session of lovemaking, which resulted in Marge becoming pregnant. Knowing that another baby would mean that Homer would have to get a better-paying job, Marge tried to keep it a secret from Homer as long as she could, but Patty and Selma managed to find out. Even though they craftily promised not to tell Homer , they phoned up the two biggest gossips in town who quickly spread the word that Marge was pregnant.

Then they threw Marge a "surprise" baby shower after "forgetting" that Homer was due back from work soon. Homer realized that Marge was pregnant when he came home and saw the baby shower. Back in the present, Bart again asks why Maggie's baby pictures aren't in the photo albums. Homer replies that he keeps them where he needs the most cheering up, and the scene changes to show Homer's station at the nuclear plant, complete with the plaque from Burns. Homer has taken all of Maggie's baby pictures to work, positioning them around the plaque so that it now says, "Do it for her.

In its original American broadcast, "And Maggie Makes Three" finished 47th in the ratings for the week of January 16 to January 22, , with a Nielsen rating of Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Page Discussion Edit this page History. Check out our article on the new Tapped Out update, Super Powers! Only until Season 30 airs!

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"Team Homer" is the twelfth episode of The Simpsons' seventh season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 7, In the episode, Homer starts a bowling team with Moe, Apu, and Otto. When Mr. Burns discovers the team was funded with his money, he insists on joining. Meanwhile, Bart's "Down with homework" T-shirt incites a student riot that leads to the implementation . Home Wreckers are a team that consists of secondary characters that affected Homer and Marge's marriage. Jacques; Princess Kashmir; Mindy Simmons; Lurleen Lumpkin; Homer's life. Homer worked as a 'pin monkey' at Barney's Bowl-O-Rama for a brief period shortly before Maggie was born. Working at a bowling alley was Homer's lifelong dream. Homer hated working at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, and his dream job was to work at a bowling alley. Homer had been putting a lot of money toward paying down his debts, and finally got a paycheck that allowed him to finally clear the last of his debts.

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