Home Office vs. Office Space? The Pros & Cons

Notify me of new posts via email. Where can I rent an office space? I try to avoid any and all unnecessary in-person meetings, because it is just one of the many ways that I protect my productivity. It takes a lot to successfully grow a business. The coupons can be redeemed on September 22 only. I rent office space in Manhattan, about an hour's train ride from my Long Island home [for many reasons, including] professionalism. Check it out free at www.

home office, office space, Should you rent office space or work from home, WAHM, work from home Whether you’ve been in business for awhile or you’re just starting out, you have a variety of options in terms of how you work.

Choosing Between Regular Method and Simplified Option

If your business model requires that clients come to you, then you should have a professional-looking space for them to visit. Be willing to guide the dialogue and go to them, if you prefer. I try to avoid any and all unnecessary in-person meetings, because it is just one of the many ways that I protect my productivity. That means I have many meetings on the phone, which results in a much more effective and efficient conversation.

And when I do need to meet a client in person which is, admittedly, important to relationship-building with clients , I prefer to visit their locations so that I can get a much better sense of the company, their corporate culture and their brand, as well as any problems they might be facing that they need my help with.

I am a freelance mechanical design engineer, I design all sorts of process equipment for the engineering, food and pharma industries. I have been working from a home office for a long time and it works for me. I love being freelance but I am always on the edge of taking on an office and staff, but I love the freedom of being freelance. I am very productive from a whole room properly fitted out as a modern office and I have a very understanding and supportive wife.

I get to have breaks and have lunch with my wife and 2 year old daughter which is nice…. This is a great read. I agree with your recommendation. Does your business needs an office space? The factors stated on the article should be part of the consideration. Working from home provides lots of opportunities to waste time and be unproductive.

I love this article thanks. I work from home, and I seem to have a personality that allows me to put boundaries around housework etc. I can work from home fro 2 hours — get heaps done and then choose to see a friend and go to gym. Get back home and do another 2 hours. I find home very productive.

I sure liked it when you said that renting an office space is better than working at home because it will ensure the person that they are away from in-home distractions that can stop them from working peacefully. I guess that was the reason why my hubby asked me to look for an office space he can rent. I myself work from home and prefer it quite a bit. I do have a home office specifically for working, so I am able to separate work from personal. But for some, having a dedicated work space outside the home is a necessity.

What works for you is probably specific and unique to your situation. Order your copy of Business in Blue Jeans today at these and other fine retailers:. Office Space Pros Distractions. Working with a team. While there are many strategies and technologies that make team building just as effective if not more so in the virtual space, many companies still prefer to have people get together in the same room for meetings, face to face.

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Office Space

Should small businesses rent office space or work from home? We’ll go through the main considerations necessary for making the right decision. 6 reasons freelancers should rent an office. there are plenty of ways to create a functional home office, and since you're already renting or own the space. Should I rent an office or work from home? Update Cancel. ad by Honey. Should I work in a shared office space or do my work from home? Do you prefer working from office or working from home? You will soon discover that cash flow is the most important part of maintaining a business and a $2,/month office lease might really .


Today we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of both office space and working from home, to help you decide which works better for you and your business. Working from home is a great way to save money on rent when your business is first starting out, as there is no additional rent which you need to pay for an office. On top of the rent payments, working from home means that there is zero travel expenses and no time taken to get to work, therefore you can be using that time and money elsewhere . Work From Home or Rent an Office? Pros and Cons. Being self-employed often means deciding whether to work from home or rent an office. Here are the pros and cons, along with tips to find cheap office space.

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