Save your draft before refreshing this page. I know many people are waiting for the last 12 years. In that case can i work with my present educational qualification? Please advise and set up a call to discuss. I am a science graduate with a post graduate diploma in research. Now I am a complete person once again as I was back in India.

There’s very options for H4 Visa holders work here in the USA. Spouse and children of H1B visa holder can get H4 visa to enter the USA. H4 is non-immigrant visa and doesn’t provide work permit unless H1B spouses Green Card process have started.

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Nov 30,  · On H4 you can not work at all. It doesn't matter how you get paid. You can not work on H4. In addition, you would have to declare your worldwide income on your US tax returns, so this attempt at hiding the payments wouldn't work, either. Again, on H4 you can not work at all. So it happens. Every year H1B work visa holders gather up their annual vacation leave and make the trip back home for a Whatsapp “chat” mangni & pat byah. And every year, a young Indian girl travels across the oceans to land up in an unknown country with a man she barely knows. She becomes an H4 visa holder – the dependent spouse. Extending eligibility for employment authorization to H4 visa spouses of H1B holders is one of several initiatives underway to modernize, improve and clarify visa programs to grow the U.S. economy and create jobs. Allowing the spouses of these visa holders to legally work in the United States makes perfect sense, USCIS said.


Hello, sadly, H4 visa holders are not allowed to work. It would be worth keeping an eye on comprehensive immigration reform. At the moment, there is provision to allow H4 visa holders to work, but the provision adds a restriction which may actually preclude majority of . 6 options for h4 visa holders work study or stay at home. study visa student visa consultant in khanna punjab visitor visa. example certificate employment certificate for japan visa sample. I do not understand, If other dependant visa holders like L2 are allowed to work in the country, then why it is denied for H4 people. For getting a work permit what L2 visa holders have to do is simply apply for an EAD (Employment authorization document).

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